Chaos Pact

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PositionIDMaStAgAvSkillsNormalDoublePriceMax. qty

Goblin Renegade2116237Animosity, Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAMGSP40k1
Orc Renegade2175339AnimosityGMASP50k1
Skaven Renegade2127337AnimosityGMASP50k1
Bomber Dribblesnot90516237Loner, Accurate, Bombardier, Dodge, No Hands, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon, Stunty, Fan FavouriteSGAP60k1
Zzharg Madeye90594439Loner, Hail Mary Pass, Pass, Secret Weapon, Strong Arm, Sure Hands, Tackle, Thick Skull, Fan FavouriteSGAP60k1
Dark Elf Renegade2136348AnimosityGAMSP70k1
Ugroth Bolgrot90575339Loner, Chainsaw, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Fan FavouriteSGAP100k1
Chaos Troll2144519Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-MateSGAMP110k1
Crazy Igor90526338Loner, Dauntless, Regeneration, Thick Skull, Fan FavouriteSGAP120k1
Chaos Ogre2155529Loner, Bone-Head, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-MateSGAMP140k1
Minotaur2165528Loner, Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Wild AnimalSGAMP150k1
Lewdgrip Whiparm90556339Loner, Dodge, Pass, Strong Arm, Sure Hands, Tentacles, Fan FavouriteSGAP160k1
Withergrasp Doubledrool90586338Loner, Prehensile Tail, Tackle, Tentacles, Two Heads, Wrestle, Fan FavouriteSGAP170k1
Guffle Pusmaw90545349Loner, Foul Appearance, Monstrous Mouth, Nurgle's Rot, Fan FavouriteSGAP210k1
Gobbler Grimlich90535429Loner, Big Hand, Disturbing Presence, Leap, Monstrous Mouth, Regeneration, Tentacles, Very Long Legs, Fan FavouriteSGAP230k1
Morg 'n' Thorg905666310Loner, Block, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Fan FavouriteSGAP450k1

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Team standings  [?]

1Emperor's Chaotic GrooveMordio2010k1311123651.3944653445025169441966859900223.84
2Pact TacticsAgate1580k7682147.622232427258042231724234800191.30
3Allegiants of DoomSextonCrikey1470k5371543.3321317181320382412238211700188.24
4South Park CowsKingDalton501350k3441145.45123131313110322210031181300193.26
5Mordheim WastelandersArchaon1310k21255021189850954097200199.53
6Westminster HooligansKnights_of_nee1250k13155012155521853088000202.27
7Chaos InmatesBarrovian1130k133735.71122816910632169-300184.59
8Green Bay WhackersTheLVermeer1070k1113501115551010631106400199.70
9Devil's RejectsBarrovian810k0011000103020202021100190

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Recent matches 
Date playedLeagueTournamentRoundHomeAwayGateScoreResultMatch

Thu Aug 30 2018 22:35BKBBLPlayoffs- ChampionshipQuarter-finalsRat Kings of Reikland (SextonCrikey)Pact Tactics (Agate)35k3—2
Thu Aug 23 2018 23:36BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 10Pact Tactics (Agate)Da Bonehoard Blitzas (Mykk)30k1—2
Tue Aug 21 2018 15:57BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 9Pact Tactics (Agate)SOD OFF! (Ken Aldridge)0k0—2
Tue Aug 14 2018 13:19BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 8Hounds of Khorne (oshi)Pact Tactics (Agate)0k0—0
Thu Jul 26 2018 20:02BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 7Pact Tactics (Agate)Bloodcoast Raiders (jninjashadow )32k1—1
Thu Jul 19 2018 19:47BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 6Farmer Maggot's Cropdusters (Becca the Enchantress)Pact Tactics (Agate)35k1—2
Thu Jul 12 2018 14:08BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 5Pact Tactics (Agate)Rosenrot Reborn (Kyle Beveridge)26k2—0
Wed Jul 4 2018 20:49BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 4DESERT STORM (Barrovian)Pact Tactics (Agate)40k1—1
Thu Jun 28 2018 21:21BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 3Practice Dummies (Payne MacLeod)Pact Tactics (Agate)19k0—3
Thu Jun 21 2018 23:06BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 2Chuck (Inquisitor 7)Pact Tactics (Agate)22k0—3
Mon Jun 11 2018 20:55BKBBLSeason 4 New EraRound 13s, 4s and a 5 (BrentG)Pact Tactics (Agate)18k1—1
Tue Apr 10 2018 23:28BKBBLRegular SeasonRound 10Da Bonehoard Blitzas (Mykk)Pact Tactics (Agate)32k3—0
Mon Apr 9 2018 22:08BKBBLRegular SeasonRound 9Unnecessary Krewlty (DerekF)Pact Tactics (Agate)19k1—2
Wed Mar 28 2018 21:34BKBBLRegular SeasonRound 8The Slither Squad (Booman279)Pact Tactics (Agate)21k2—0
Wed Mar 21 2018 23:22BKBBLRegular SeasonRound 6Schluesselschloss Spoliators (Tzompantli)Pact Tactics (Agate)21k2—0

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