We Want Funerals

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We Want Funerals roster 

3Hulk Hogan
player avatarNecromantic Werewolf
9338Claw/Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Fan Favourite, +1 Ma11206259230k
4Koko B Were
player avatarNecromantic Werewolf
10338Claw/Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration, Sprint, +2 Ma0906249200k
player avatarGhoul
7337Dodge, Block, Guard0203327120k
5Sgt. Slaughterer
player avatarWight
6338Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Dodge1 Ni1006118140k
8The Boogie-man
player avatarGhoul
7337Dodge, Block, Sure Hands1500016110k
2Abdullah the Butchered
player avatarFlesh Golem
4429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Dodge0001212140k
12Hacked Up Jim Duggan
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Guard00030670k
player avatarSetekh
6428Loner, Block, Strip Ball, Break Tackle, Juggernaut, Regeneration, Fan Favourite000306220k
6The Undertaking
player avatarWight
6338Block, Regeneration00001590k
11Rotten Roddy Piper 2
player avatarZombie
10Dying the Clown 2
player avatarZombie

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Coach Inquisitor 7
Race Necromantic
League BKBBL
Ready Yes
TV 1690k
Treasury 70k
Necromancer Yes
Rerolls 3
Fan Factor 7
Ass. Coaches 1
Cheerleaders 0

Played 17
WIN% 64.7%
ELO 241.43
W/L/D 9/4/4
W/L/D Streaks 7/2/2
Won tours 0
Latest tour Hexoatl
Tours played Zombway, Hexoatl, Exhibition Season 1, Playoffs
Prizes None
Is famous No

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