Bogenhafen Brute Squad (Retired)

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Bogenhafen Brute Squad roster 

player avatarThrower
6348Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Leader, Strong Arm, Dodge, +1 Ag1 Ni505014127210k
2Ryan II
player avatarThrower
5338Sure Hands, Pass, Block-1 Ma201211390k
player avatarBlitzer
7338Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Side Step, Dodge242193103210k
4Yellin II
player avatarBlitzer
7338Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle0028440150k
5Inigo II
player avatarCatcher
8237Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Tackle1 Ni11100139120k
player avatarCatcher
7337Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Guard, Nerves of Steel, +1 St-1 Ma019014111210k
7Eregrin III
player avatarLineman
8Berren III
player avatarLineman
11Holther II
player avatarLineman
12Albino V
player avatarCatcher
8237Catch, Dodge, Block01001880k
14Cumberbun II
player avatarBlitzer
7337Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Dodge-1 Av03420372180k
15Roberts VI
player avatarBlitzer
7438Block, +1 St000117140k
16Fezzik II
player avatarOgre
5529Loner, Bone-Head, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Break Tackle, Block00114242210k

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Coach The Black Knight
Race Human
League BKBBL
Ready Yes
TV 2060k
Treasury 40k
Apothecary Yes
Rerolls 3
Fan Factor 7
Ass. Coaches 2
Cheerleaders 2

Played 42
WIN% 65.5%
ELO 282.99
W/L/D 23/10/9
W/L/D Streaks 6/3/3
Won tours 0
Latest tour Season 7 Playoffs
Tours played Black Knight Season 4, King's Division (Season 7), Black Knight Division, Playoffs - Season 3, Season 4 Playoffs, King Conference Season 5, Season 7 Playoffs
Prizes None
Is famous No

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