Chaos Wastes Warriors (Retired)

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Chaos Wastes Warriors roster 

1The Brahma Bull
player avatarMinotaur
4528Loner, Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Wild Animal, Claw/Claws, Juggernaut, Tentacles-1 Ma00015240210k
2Sir Cumference of the Round
player avatarChaos Warrior
5439Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow02012240160k
3Sir Comsyzed
player avatarChaos Warrior
4Sir Kull of the Round
player avatarChaos Warrior
5439Block, Mighty Blow, Claw/Claws0309342160k
5Sir Pernatural of Mystics
player avatarChaos Warrior
5439Block, Claw/Claws01010128140k
6Patrick "Patty" O'Lanturn
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Dodge000021090k
7Fredrick "Fred" Jidd
player avatarBeastman
5338Horns, Block, Claw/Claws, Mighty Blow-1 Ma1305545120k
8Robert "Rob" Hurr
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Block1 Ni030011480k
10Susan "Sue" Age
player avatarBeastman
11Jackson "Jack" O'Lanturn
player avatarBeastman
6337Horns, Block, Sure Hands, Extra Arms, Two Heads, Dodge-1 Av51703692170k
13Christopher "Chris" Tian
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Block000031580k

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Coach Koudys
Race Chaos
League BKBBL
Ready Yes
TV 1660k
Treasury 380k
Apothecary Yes
Rerolls 3
Fan Factor 6
Ass. Coaches 0
Cheerleaders 0

Played 31
WIN% 53.2%
ELO 214.01
W/L/D 13/11/7
W/L/D Streaks 3/2/2
Won tours 0
Latest tour Season 6 Playoffs
Tours played Open Play, Queen Conference Season 5, Season 5 Playoffs, Queens Conference Season 6, Season 6 Playoffs, Open
Prizes None
Is famous No

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