Bayou Bullies (Retired)

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Bayou Bullies roster 

1Amos III
player avatarSaurus
2Bernard II
player avatarSaurus
6418Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle-1 Av0208337140k
3Dagobert III
player avatarSaurus
640 (1 eff.)9-1 Ag00010280k
player avatarSaurus
6419Block, Guard0007329120k
player avatarSaurus
6519Block, Tackle, +1 St0105433170k
6Gaston II
player avatarSaurus
640 (1 eff.)9Block, Guard-1 Ag0003321120k
player avatarSkink
8237Dodge, Stunty, Sure Feet, Sprint, Side Step, Jump Up, Block12301492170k
8Clovis III
player avatarSkink
8237Dodge, Stunty, Side Step020211580k
player avatarSkink
8237Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Jump Up, Block01000135130k
player avatarSkink
7237Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Jump Up, Sprint-1 Ma1310852140k
player avatarSkink
8237Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Sure Feet, Sprint2911348120k
player avatarKroxigor
6519Loner, Bone-Head, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull, Guard, Break Tackle, Block02110343210k
13Maurice II
player avatarSkink
8237Dodge, Stunty00000060k
14Amene IIII
player avatarSkink
8237Dodge, Stunty00000060k

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About Bayou Bullies

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The Team was founded in 2014 by the Gator Buying Group. The Bayou Bullies are the second team to come out of the Bayou; they’ve drafted all of their players from the New Orleans’ High School system. There were a lot of players that the team could draft; Blood Bowl is big in New Orleans and the Bullies scouts spend a lot of time there.

The Team drafted Amos a Saurs from George Washington Carver High School, with the teams first ever pick. He was the natural selection for the team captain. The coaching staff have decided to field 5 more saurs and 5 skinks.

The owners group has decided to enter them into season 6 with the expectation that the team win 3 games. If the team is successful in this goal they’ll keep the team where it is, if not than they will relocate them to a new city.

The current stadium holds 30,000 fans. And Has 12 Corporate Boxes.

Ticket Prices:

Upper Bowl

Monday, Thursday-Wednesday & Sunday: Adult: 3 copper, Child: 0-4 Free Child 5+: 1 copper

Friday – Saturday: Adult: 5 copper, Child: 0-4 Free, Child 5+: 1 copper

Lower Bowl

Monday, Thursday-Wednesday & Sunday: Adult: 3 silver, Child: 0-4 Free Child 5+: 1 silver

Friday – Saturday: Adult: 5 silver, Child: 0-4 Free, Child 5+: 1 silver

Corporate Box: 10 Gold per game.

Parking is free just tie your horses down.