Vincent Van Goat II

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About player
Name Vincent Van Goat II (#5)
Position Beastman
Team The Goats Who Stare at Men
Bought 2014-04-04 15:26:24
Status Dead (2014-12-11 16:29:22)
Value 100k
SPP/extra 28/0
Wanted No
In HoF No
Played 32
W/L/D 12/12/8
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Ma 6
St 3
Ag 3
Av 8
Skills Horns, Block, Guard
Injuries None
Cp 3
Td 1
Int 0
BH/SI/Ki 5/1/0
Cas 6
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--Empty body--

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Recent matches 
Date playedLeagueTournamentRoundHomeAwayGateScoreResultMatch

Thu Dec 11 2014 16:29BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 9The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)Blight Berserkers (twist)33k0—3
Thu Dec 4 2014 21:40BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 8The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)Carpe Mortis (Payne MacLeod)31k1—1
Sat Nov 29 2014 23:40BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 7The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)Woodland Mavericks (Maverick452)37k2—2
Sun Nov 23 2014 21:06BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 6Rancid Woods (DanielR)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)22k1—2
Thu Nov 13 2014 20:35BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 5The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)The Greenskin Smackers (theflyingdutchoven)35k3—1
Thu Nov 6 2014 19:08BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 4Chaos Wastes Warriors (Koudys)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)32k1—2
Thu Oct 30 2014 19:05BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 3Da Bone Lootaz (jninjashadow )The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)28k1—2
Sun Oct 19 2014 16:20BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 2The Forsaken (Jon MacDonald)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)25k2—2
Thu Oct 16 2014 20:26BKBBLQueens Conference Season 6Round 1Many Manly Miniature Men (oshi)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)31k0—1
Thu Aug 14 2014 20:38BKBBLSeason 5 PlayoffsRound of 16Hamilton Tiger-Rats (old) (TheLVermeer)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)39k3—1
Thu Jul 31 2014 20:31BKBBLQueen Conference Season 5Round 9Awesome Squad (Knights_of_nee)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)23k1—1
Tue Jul 29 2014 19:43BKBBLQueen Conference Season 5Round 8When I Think About You I Touch My Elf (wapcaplets)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)31k2—0
Thu Jul 24 2014 19:45BKBBLQueen Conference Season 5Round 7The Greenskin Smackers (theflyingdutchoven)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)33k1—1
Thu Jul 10 2014 20:41BKBBLQueen Conference Season 5Round 6Black Mountain Boyz (AndyInJapan)The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)0k1—0
Wed Jul 2 2014 0:32BKBBLQueen Conference Season 5Round 5The Goats Who Stare at Men (Kiari511)Rat Basterds (Inquisitor 7)32k2—2

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Injuries Tournament Opponent MVP Cp Td Int Cas Score Result Date played Match
Dead Queens Conference Season 6 Blight Berserkers 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 3
Thu Dec 11 2014 16:29 View
Mng Open Dagger Squadron 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 2
Wed Apr 9 2014 23:27 View
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