BKBBL feed http://atomichelix.com/ Black Knight Games Blood Bowl League RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Sat, 18 Aug 2018 01:32:22 +0000 OBBLM 0.95 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (4) vs. Elfheim Online (2) Simoni Law-rats continued his reign of terror in the BKBBL. In the first half Simoni ate an elf journeyman whole because, in the rat ogre's opinion, he looked suspiciously like chicken. Then in the second half he ate an elf lineman purely for sport. He truly is a wild animal. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-17 07:14:17 Match: Renaissance Prose (2) vs. Rosenrot Reborn (2) In a game with playoff implications, the Vampires certainly came to play. Pressuring the rats like they haven't been pressured in a while, the Vampires held the rats to one touchdown in the first half, adding their own with the seconds ticking down. Getting the ball in the second half, the Vampires continued their charge. They ran the clock down as best as they could, scoring with only a couple of minutes left in the game (thanks to a rat push into the endzone). However, that's all the rats needed, as they scored on the very last play of the game to even it up. Unbeknownst to the Vampire coach, that's all they would need to clinch a spot in this year's playoffs. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-16 22:02:52 Team news by 3s, 4s and a 5 Ongoing sponsorship of Smash flakes. Season didn’t go great but ended with a bang . http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-15 16:33:19 Match: Rat Kings of Reikland (3) vs. 3s, 4s and a 5 (1) How many Skaven does it take to score a touchdown? Four, apparently. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-14 22:08:11 Match: Bloodcoast Raiders (2) vs. Chuck (1) In what started as a one sided knock out for the Norse quickly went south as the Khornate waterboy got the team back on their feet with avengence. Injury after injury after injury saw the norse taken out one after another, allowing the startlingly nimble deamons to have their way of the pitch. All too soon, the Norse found themselves out maneuvered and then out matched in strength. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-12 15:57:30 Match: Farmer Maggot's Cropdusters (0) vs. Longwood Striders (2) This was a game of comical fails, failed pick ups, failed halfling throws for touch downs, However for every failure the halfings had throwing for TDs the made up for it by landing on the Striders. 2-0 in what could have been a 4-1 game. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-09 01:27:02 Match: Longwood Striders (2) vs. 3s, 4s and a 5 (1) The 5's took a lead after 8 minutes, in a nice sunny Blood Bowl Game! A well timed blitz by the 5's prevented the Striders from scoring in the first half. The second half the Striders scored early and then blitzed the 5's to pressure on them. A failed hit left the 5's worried for a quick TD. Jordell leapt over the d, but slipped on some blood, and lost the ball. The Striders held on to keep the ball in scoring position. They scored on turn 6, putting the pressure on the 5's they went for long pass, the ball was slick with bestigor sweat causing them to fumble the ball. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-08 22:49:13 Match: Bloodcoast Raiders (3) vs. Renaissance Prose (4) When the distinguished Renaissance Prose Skaven took the field, they were prepared for a rough game, with lots of hitting from their opponents. They got that, for sure. What they did not expect was for the Bloodcoast Raiders to do their best Skaven impression, throwing and dodging without worry. And it worked - most of the game. Alas, no one can Skaven quite as well as Skaven can, and the Raiders fell a touchdown short. While an official announcement will be coming, the Renaissance Prose are happy to announce the signing of Hakflem, to fill the void of the injured Ben Foot-long Johnson. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-06 19:56:01 Match: Karak Azgaraz Ironforgers (1) vs. Elfheim Online (0) The Cabal Vision replays of this match will be called "When Dwarfs Attack!" http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-04 15:10:24 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (1) vs. Chuck (1) A violent and thrilling contest between two old foes. The Rats were slicing and dicing the Norsemen but a timely play near the end of the second half sealed the draw. After the dust settled the Tiger-Rats walked away satisfied and Simoni Law-rats left with a stomach full of yhetee having taken chunks out of both on the pitch. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-02 00:52:39 Match: Chuck (1) vs. Farmer Maggot's Cropdusters (1) The heat was blistering hot when CHUCK met FARMER MAGGOTS CROPDUSTER'S on the pitch. But it turns out the might norse have no fear of heat stroke with their fantastic water boy. FMC though suffered dearly. Making sure to keep their players off the pitch and well rest and much as possible. Yewheart has 3rd degree burns from the sun and will be MNG next week to recover his burnt leaves. final score was 1-1 in a hard fought battle thought could have gone either way. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-31 20:38:00 Match: Longwood Striders (3) vs. DESERT STORM (0) A nice sunny day at the Sandbox for the game between the Storm and the Striders the astroturf had the Striders worried for their health, unfortunately for the storm they were unable to take the elves down and hurt them. A strong defence in the First half and a ball cloning incident helped keep the score 1-0. A perfectly timed interceptions allowed the Striders to stride to a 3-0 win. At the end of the game Daezeiros was suspended along with Krielton for breaking curfew as they stayed out drinking wine all night! RA was suspended for using the wrong sand. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-28 17:43:55 Match: Karak Azgaraz Ironforgers (1) vs. Rat Kings of Reikland (2) A boooooooooring game in the first half. The second half was full of flying Skaven bodies and spiteful Skaven plays. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-28 14:20:44 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) vs. Hamilton Tiger-Rats (5) Andy Fan-chews brought his leaping boots to the game today, unfortunately he left them on the sidelines, but after the first few drives he was convinced to put them on and became a constant nuisance to the Blitzas attempts to handle the ball. In the end the Tiger-Rats feel they have gained a measure of revenge for their championship defeat last season. Said the coach, "Don't believe what anyone says, this game was far more important than and silly championship game. We always wanted to win this one, not the other one." http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-28 01:51:04 Match: Longwood Striders (4) vs. Hounds of Khorne (1) In a game that the Striders thought was going to be a blood bath, turned out to be a pillow fisted. The Hounds started out receiving the ball and after the first minute the score was 1-0 Striders after a well played blitz. They Hounds were not going away as they scored in the 3rd minute. The Striders scored again the 6th minute and almost scored again in the 8th minute. The second half they were able to score 2 more TDs and hold the Hounds to a lame half. Grasnak and Scyla played a solid game but Jordell was a thorn in the side of the Hounds. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-27 22:36:24 Match: Pact Tactics (1) vs. Bloodcoast Raiders (1) The other chaos gods must have been asleep, for Khorne certainly was not. His chosen inflicted painful atrocity after painful atrocity upon Pack Tactics, injuring their best and up comers alike. A last minute interruption by Tzeench, who cloned the ball allowed Pack Tactics to sneak in a hopeful touchdown to tie the game, not that that could stop the slaughter. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-26 20:02:34 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) vs. 3s, 4s and a 5 (0) It werz a luverly day ta play da a game o' bloodbowl. Da weather werz sunny an' da fanz wuz rowdy! Dey invaded da pitch in da first 'alf, an it werz only Lazer turnin his ankle dat stopped da boyz frum swarmin' da pitch. It wuz one uv dem slow movin' grindy gamez, an da Boyz like it like day. 'cept Blazer, 'e's decided ta take a game off ta recover. Also, why do we even 'ave day Apothecary! Him's useless! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-26 13:24:12 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (6) vs. Practice Dummies (0) The Tiger-Rats brought their A-game to the match dancing and waltzing their way to six touchdowns. The game also marked the return of Andy Fan-chews who continues to vaffle opponents with his suprisingly large biceps and sharp horns. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-25 23:28:24 Match: Forest Shadows (1) vs. Rosenrot Reborn (3) Over 12 bloodlust but a big hand of cards. Elf dodging is bad dodging. especially with slippery shoes. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-25 20:49:39 Match: Hounds of Khorne (1) vs. Farmer Maggot's Cropdusters (2) The 'flings beat the Hounds down to 2 players left on the pitch toward the end of a two-one grind. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-07-24 12:41:42