BKBBL feed http://atomichelix.com/ Black Knight Games Blood Bowl League RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Sun, 09 Dec 2018 18:54:07 -0500 OBBLM 0.95 Match: Karak Azgaraz Ironforgers (1) vs. DESERT STORM (0) Ladies and Gents, This game was a brutal one. Pouring rain cause havoc as only on player could feasibly pick up the ball. The Ironforgers, angry that their runner was sidelined by Tomb Guardian hit, started chucking skeletal bodies off the pitch. Almost a Half and a half of play, the Ironforgers had a 10 on 2 advantage and finally scored. The rain finally let up and the Storm just stood tall knowing defeat was inevitable. Great sportsman ship at the end when the Ironforgers and the Storm shook hands and drank ale (well, the dwarves drank... the skeletons tried) http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-12-09 15:17:12 Match: The Eight Peak Pests (2) vs. Eataine Elect (1) So da gitz'n'ratz wuz lookin' fer sum fun, but dese pretty-pretty-pointy mens sayz dat we'z gotta play dem, so we says o'aight. It werz rainin,den it werz snowin', an' da fans wouldn't stay in dere seats. Dem elfs went up by a run, but we made sure ta make sure dey dinna git annuva. Seems like dats how dis season may go. Winz a win right boys? http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-12-06 23:25:35 Match: The Eight Peak Pests (2) vs. SOD OFF! (1) Oi'aight, dis season iz gunna be different fer me (coach Loud'un). Dis season I iz gunna 'av a go wiv sum Underworld finingies, see wots dey iz about. Dem Ratz said dat dey can go fast like dem elves wot beat da boyz inna playoffs, so we iz gunna see wot dey can do. Fing iz dey only wantz to play wiv gobbers on account'a not wantin anyone bigger den dem onna field. So we 'ad our first game 'gainst SOD OFF! annit went pretty gud. We wuz down one, den Gluurg frew onna dem stunties in da tie it up at da half. We got annuva one thanks to them sneaky ratz and dat wuz dat. Gamez a goodun. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-12-05 22:08:02 Match: Rat Kings of Reikland (4) vs. Indianapo-lizard Colts (1) 4 touchdowns vs. 6 casualties. Sure, the Rat Kings won, but can you really call it winning? http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-12-03 19:01:51 Match: Forest Shadows (4) vs. Longwood Striders (7) The Striders and the Shadows squared off after a week of smack talk, one team was built to kill one team was built to score. After the first half the game was 3-2 after both teams traded TD. The Striders opened the second half with their standard hyjinks and scored in 1. Kicking off to the Shadows they were able to catch them off guard and scored a blitz, scoring a quick TD to go up 5-2 after that it was amountian to climb. The shadows put a strong effort in but it was a little to late for them. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-12-01 16:18:30 Match: Boomtown Rats (4) vs. Hounds of Khorne (0) Khorne was well fed! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-11-29 20:16:27 Team news by Karak Varn Vigilantes <b>Ordo's Ordnances</b> would like to announce financial backing of the Vigilantes! For everything that goes <b><i>"BOOM!"</i></b>, think Ordo's! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-11-28 23:27:36 Match: Forest Shadows (4) vs. Da Rayda Boyz (0) It was a perfect day to play some BloodBowl, the Forest Shadows enjoy the slightly overcast skys which allowed them to play to their fullest.Thought multiple times everyone thought the weather would change for the worst the wind would quiet down. Ms Silverscale was still rusty in her blocking skills the the troll Ripper exploited to the fullest. Though she missed the rest of the game she will be back at full strength for the Shadows next game against their kin the Striders. 4-0 Shadows! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-11-28 15:55:55 Match: Eataine Elect (1) vs. Indianapo-lizard Colts (4) The Colts used their fists to push the High Elves around the pitch but found their armour suspiciously difficult to break. Undeterred they decided to score a bunch of touchdowns instead, finishing with a 4-1 win. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-11-28 06:16:26 Match: Rosenrot Reborn (1) vs. Longwood Striders (3) Game 1 of 10 for the Striders and the Reborn, and the game went as expected. The elves struck hard and fast and made sure that the Reborn payed for every turn over. After the first half the Reborn were down 2-0 and they had to kick to the Striders. To put pressure on the reborn, the Striders ran into the endzone in an unexpected blizzard to go up 3-0. It took the Reborn a good portion of the second half to tally a TD. With the final score ending 3-1. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-11-27 22:24:29 Match: Drink Blood Love Life (3) vs. Black Wolves (0) Came for Blood Bowl, a Blizzard turned the pitch to ice, played Hockey instead http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-10-16 15:13:30 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (5) vs. Longwood Striders (6) An Exciting Game on the pitch last night! The Tiger-Rats and striders decided to put defense on the back burner for this game and trade punches (into the endzone) all night. After the first half the game was 4-3 in favour of the Tiger-Rats, Xlavious was over heard telling his coach not worry he'll win this game for him! And he did, by the time the game was over in OT the final score was 6-5 in favour of the Striders with Xlavious beating the Tiger-Rats single handily. The Striders were crowed the third place team in the league! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-09-21 10:03:44 Match: Hounds of Khorne (3) vs. SOD OFF! (0) The Hounds of Khorne would like to thank all of their supporters, fans, sponsors, and anyone who spent money in ways that contributed to the teams incredibly profitable success. As it turns out, when you have dedicated followers of Chaos on your side, anything is possible, although winning isn't probable. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-09-02 16:42:20 Match: Chuck (3) vs. Practice Dummies (0) In most confusing battle to the bottom (or top of bottom) Chuck came out the victor. despite every effort made to let the Practice dummies score, they refused to do so. Honorable mention goes to the Perfect Shave for nearly achieving his person goal of Blitzing or blocking every single turn until an unfortunate block with a very sturdy dwarf KO'd him for the rest of the game. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-31 01:25:17 Match: Rat Kings of Reikland (3) vs. Pact Tactics (2) The bigger they are, the harder they fall (when you stab them)! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-30 22:35:54 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (4) vs. Renaissance Prose (3) A truly terribly refereed game. After a dirty line-rat concussed Rat Ogre Alexander Pope-tatoes with a kick to the head the halfling referees conferred and decided that Pope-tatoes was at fault for the play and ejected him. Then the very next turn when John Dried-Hen attempted to gain some revenge by kicking a gutter runner the refs decided that Dried-Hen needed to be sent off. Just a shameful performance from the half-men in stripes. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-30 07:27:33 Match: Renaissance Prose (3) vs. Bloodcoast Raiders (1) The playoffs are finally upon us. And boy were the fans rowdy for this one. Gor'fed got pettled from the angry (and probably drunk) fans not once but TWICE, missing more than half of the game. It seems the rest of the Khorne squad were up to the task in the first half, earning a respectable 1-1 draw going into half 2. As it does with most teams against the Skaven offence, things balanced out and the Skaven got to show off their scoring prowess and their fast, swarmy defence, earning 2 TDs to secure a berth into the quarterfinals, to face off another well-trained Skaven team. Thanks to such a fine showing, the Skaven were approached by a major sponsor, and have decided to show off their fancy new equipment going into their next match. Thanks to Steelhelm's Sporting for the endorsement! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-27 21:53:54 Match: Longwood Striders (3) vs. Karak Azgaraz Ironforgers (1) Round one of the Playoffs, the first game, clear skies, and know it all fans. The Ironforgers hired a chef to cook for the game and it paid off in the first half as the Striders probability wizards went for lunch. The Ironforgers scored with half the clock gone, and the Striders countered in two minutes holding off the Ironforgers for the rest of the 1st half. In the second half the Striders went to work, it cost them a few players but they were able to secure the ball, and run away with the game. They're looking forward to second round. Coach Lawson was quoted saying "God its been too long since we've/I've been here, a win in the first round will allow me some time think on round two." http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-25 21:08:46 Match: Karak Azgaraz Ironforgers (3) vs. Hounds of Khorne (0) Book of Grudges: Page 2063 Hounds of Khorne - Grudge: the rain http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-24 15:46:42 Match: Pact Tactics (1) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) Dat dere wuz dat. Nuffle 'ad a fink inna first 'alf dat maybe da boyz wuzzn't gunna win dis one. Den inna second 'alf, he fought maybe da boys should git a crack at it, an' dey did so...letz go drink? http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-08-23 23:36:17