BKBBL feed http://atomichelix.com/ Black Knight Games Blood Bowl League RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Wed, 20 Jun 2018 05:01:32 +0000 OBBLM 0.95 Match: Longwood Striders (3) vs. Bloodcoast Raiders (0) On game day, the Wood Elves, wanted to ensure they cut back on the casualties and make sure they make up for the poor defense last week. The game started off strong with the Striders scoring early, it looked like they were going to score in bunches but Sylvi struggled to pick up the ball out of fear of Gor'fed, or the demons it was hard to tell. After the first half the score was 1-0 but the elves kept the pressure on by scoring two more and preventing the Raiders from scoring. We would like to take a moment of silence for Haluveni, and Adven both were claimed in the line of defending the ball! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-16 17:29:24 Match: Ironforgers (0) vs. Bloodcoast Raiders (2) Itg was a normal, ordinary, boring game.... until the Dwarven runner exploded and Khorne became impressed. With their god favoring them, the Bloodcoast Raiders proceeded to dominate the Ironforgers all over the pitch. For those of you who say Dwarf masonry is durable have not seen a Khorne blood-tide wash up against a Dwarven wall. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-16 14:31:28 Match: DESERT STORM (1) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) Nuffle seemed to turn a blind eye as Ahkmun-Ra paid full attention to the field. Bombs misfired, balls intercepted, narry an undead would fall down! If not for the efforts of Da Blitzas stalwart defender Blazer, all would have been lost. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-16 01:09:29 Match: Farmer Maggot's Cropdusters (2) vs. Guzzle Beards (1) "9 Casualties against? Ahoy! Anyone that scores is broken? Ahoy! Far too few players for next game? Ahoy! That's how we do it boy!" --Halfling Victory Chant http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-14 15:09:27 Match: Renaissance Prose (1) vs. Karak Varn Vigilantes (3) It was a cold day in hell when the Karak Varn Vigilantes and Renaissance Prose met for their opening game for the season. Even though the vermintide showed up in multitudes for the game, the stout hitmen felt that it was still a ripe time to extract some blood on the pitch. The game began with the rat coach-coach electing to receive the ball, in order to take an early lead. That's when Flint Churnblade made his presence known by taking to the pitch. The rats decided it was in their best interest to score, in order for there to be enough of a break to confer with Ranulf 'Red' Hokuli about the "legality" of Flint's equipment. When Red approached the dwarven coach, all that could be seen was Red nodding and walking away, while Flint was quickly stashed in the Vigilantes' dugout. With barely any of the game played to this point, the miniature killers thought it best to start hitting the vermin, in order to make enough movement to "score". Even though Nommonlir Brewrock ran the "ball" into the "endzone", the score at that point was still 0 casualties for the Vigilantes. Disappointed in their lack of extracting blood from the rats, the Vigilantes' coach decided to put Flint back out for the second half. After seeing how the rat coach-coach set up his defensive line, the Vigilantes' coach decided it best to call down the hired runesmith's fireball onto the pitch -- before the rats even got to move! It was at this point the rat coach-coach called Red over to discuss what had happened. Red was in the middle of assuring the coach-coach it was well within the rules, but the coach-coach was having none of that! When Red went to explain to the Vigilantes's coach what had happened, by the time he turned around to continue the game, the rats had disappeared! Confused, Red went over to their dugout, where he found this note: Blood Bowl is rough, Blood Bowl is unfair, We are leaving, And we don't care. Red had no other option but to allow the Vigilantes the win, but only after comparing his axe with Flint's chainsaw. In the end, they couldn't decide which had spilt more blood on the pitch. After the Vigilantes's coach conferred with the Commissioner, there was a small snag in the game record that was corrected, allowing the Vigilantes to be approached by Steelhelm's Sporting Emporium. Normally, a team playing its first ever game is not allowed to be courted by important sponsors, however, the Commissioner lifted the rule due to Steelhelm's insistance of wanting to equip the young killers with the best gear. With that contract signed, the Vigilantes will likely be more prepared for what's to come in the season. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-12 00:44:26 Match: Rosenrot Reborn (1) vs. Hamilton Tiger-Rats (3) An even first half was entirely undone by a timely Tiger-Rat blitz and a sudden onset of bloodlust by the vampires. In the end there simply weren't enough thralls left to satisfy the vampires hunger and the rats walked to a victory. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-12 00:33:14 Match: Chuck (1) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) Da Blitzas had some dust to shake off after the off season, and Chuck took full advantage of the Orc's sluggishness. It took some scrambling for the Blitzas to score in the second half, which Chuck was able to take back in a longs odds play a few turns later. Nuffle has made a clear statement today, Da Blitzas will have to work hard if they want to make a go of it this system, because the much beloved god of Blood Bowl is not going to help! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-08 14:24:09 Match: Longwood Striders (4) vs. Rat Kings of Reikland (4) The first game of a season always comes with gitters, like your birthing day, or your betrothed day. But Blood Bowl comes with more gitters than most other things, players ask them selves if they're good enough will the fans turn on them or will this be their first and last game. The Strider under their new coach showed some gitters in the first half. The allowed the Rat Kings to take a 3-0 lead early in the first, Qinven took control, and roped in the rookies. Allowing a pick play for Sylvi to roll out to the western sideline and hook up with Daezeiros in the endzone. With a glimmer of hope and the turf under their feet the Striders were looking forward to the second half. From the moment the ball left the kickers foot, the Striders were thinking of the endzone the team jumped forward off the line putting Youlvon in a close position to score. With a well planned leap and a solid push the Score was now 3-2, the Kings Answered to make the score 4-3, the new coach was thinking it was going to be a loss for his first game. The winds of change came to the second half allowing the Striders to make the game 4-4 after a failed pick up by Llywelyn. In the final seconds the Kings looked like they were about to score to make 5-4 but there must have been some sweat on the palms of Garcia as he let the ball slip out of his hand to end the game. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-06-06 23:06:18 Match: Nagarythe Shades (5) vs. --- (0) When dealing with followers of the Blood God, it is best to keep one's distance and focus on the ball. A quick mark will have the referee out to reset the pitch long before your comrades have suffered too many blows. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-05-25 01:33:30 Match: Nagarythe Shades (3) vs. Ironforgers (1) Whilst the Dwarfs put up a valiant effort, their short legs were no match for the speed of the Aelves. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-05-19 20:36:02 Match: Forest Shadows (1) vs. Nagarythe Shades (2) Wood elves are known for their speed, but that light armour can't protect a glass jaw. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-05-18 02:17:12 Match: Rosenrot Reborn (0) vs. Nagarythe Shades (2) The Nagarythe Shades don't seem to know they are elves. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-05-16 01:37:47 Match: Rosenrot Reborn (2) vs. Nagarythe Shades (2) What does Bloodlust even do? http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-05-15 23:20:59 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (1) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) It wuz a snowy day at da Blitzadome, but dat didn't stop da ratz frum running. Clutch bomb frow frum Mad'un sealed the end uv da game for Kreek an' a line rat, an' da Boyz wuz able to press de advantage in numbers, keepin' da vermin to 1 TD and respondin' wiv 1 in each 'alf ferda. Da 'alfling refs 'ad it in ferda Blitzas, callin our boyz on kit check violations twice!An dey took a bribe frum da Tiger-Rats! Dey put da kid gloves on Fitz ta stop him frum doin' much, and we fink it wuz dem dat fed Maxwell da bad burger too! Coach Myk'kill wishes ta file a complaint wiv da Comish 'bout dam stunties. Good solid play saw da boyz through though, an inna end dere just weren't 'nuff rats left ta do wot dems luv ta do, but bless'm dey fought right to da end. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-05-02 12:53:08 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (4) vs. Boomtown Rats (3) A high scoring affair with endless excitement. The Tiger-Rats looked to have the win in regulation but some clutch play in the final turn managed to send the game into OT where both teams had chances to end it. In the end it was Andy Fan-chews who notched the game winning score. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-04-30 23:27:14 Match: Naggaroth Nightrunners (2) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (3) Da boyz iz 'ad 'nuf uv it. If sommat wantz to come at uz, dem iz gunna get it ina face! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-04-27 03:02:31 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) vs. Crepuscular Cloacas! (0) Da rain we'z fallin on da Blitzadome, makin da field not so gud as usual, an' da ball all slippy n' wot not. Took da boyz ta overtime ta do it, but we managed ta run one in. Off to da Semi-Finalz! http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-04-26 22:58:28 Match: Boomtown Rats (4) vs. Luscious Lustrian Ladies (0) Fuck Nuffle. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-04-22 17:05:31 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (2) vs. De Other Guyz (1) The game was proceeding normally until midway through the second half when a hapless Orc tripped over the goal line while attempting to tie the game and what followed was a comedy of errors by both teams. Fumbles! Trips! Double Skulls! This circus had it all, and after the dust settled the scoreline favoured the slightly less unlucky Tiger-Rats. http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-04-18 13:28:29 Match: Luscious Lustrian Ladies (1) vs. DESERT STORM (0) The final game of the regular season and not a cloud in the sky. The ladies are playing for a better playoff spot and the Storm - well let's not go there! The girls won the coin toss and kicked to the storm. With a little help from a METEOROMANCER it began to rain! This did not sit well with coach Barrovian who went into a coughing fit yelling "forget the ball" to which the team obeyed, but not before new rookie THROW RA picked up the ball like a pro. The storm also opened up a girl bashing with HackNSlash carving up a breast or two, whilst the team enforcer watched on. Effort has been in short supply from HackNSlash in earlier games. The first half finished without the ball passing the halfway mark. The second half transitioned from rain to a blizzard, which helped the girls start some "hair pulling" of their own, without the help of Luscious Lucy, who was feeling the effects of a McDirty's burger. The girls finally dug their heels in and scored on the final play of the game, the one and only touch down! When asked about the game, coach Barrovian, answered "Dem Gals got moves" http://atomichelix.com/ 2018-04-17 01:21:54