Memorable matches

Which matches are worth remembering in terms of most TDs, killed and so on?

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Most touchdowns
team pictureHamilton Tiger-Rats 5  -  6 Longwood Stridersteam picture
Playoffs- Championship, Fri Sep 21 2018, View

team pictureForest Shadows 4  -  7 Longwood Stridersteam picture
Regular Season 5 New Era, Sat Dec 1 2018, View

team pictureLongwood Striders 7  -  4 Rat Kings of Reiklandteam picture
Regular Season 5 New Era, Fri Dec 21 2018, View
Most completions
team pictureHamilton Tiger-Rats (old) 8  -  4 New Ulthuan Patriotsteam picture
White Knight Division, Thu Sep 12 2013, View
Most interceptions
team pictureBnK Hooomans 3  -  1 Destination Fackedteam picture
Exhibition Season 1, Tue Jul 17 2018, View
Most killed
team pictureThe Pestilent Plague-ridden 1  -  4 Undead Poets Societyteam picture
Regular Season, Wed Feb 14 2018, View
Largest score-difference

More than 3 matches have the same record or no record exists at all.

Largest team income
team pictureKarak Varn Vigilantes 370k - 80k Drunken Foesteam picture
Playoffs, Sun Mar 24 2019, View
Largest gate
team pictureRivendell Runners 130k Renekington'steam picture
Open Season 3, Mon Apr 25 2016, View
Most RL fans/spectators
team pictureBarak Varr Buccaneers 19 SanFran Sporty Minersteam picture
Griff Oberwald's Commanders, Sat Mar 11 2017, View
Largest TV difference in which underdog won
team pictureThe Greenskin Smackers 1900k - 710k Awesome Squadteam picture
Queen Conference Season 5, Wed Jun 25 2014, View
Most casualties

More than 3 matches have the same record or no record exists at all.