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Gorthor Doomblight from Blight Berserkers: The Best player of coach Twist
Gorthor Doomblight was a menace to his opponents on both offense and defense. The chaos gods gifted him with unnatural strength and uncanny ability to stay on his feet, resulting in the opposition taking note of number 5 for the Berserkers every game. He recorded two hat-tricks (3 TDs in a game) in his short career and took on the toughest opposition every game. The chaos gods are unpredictable, though, and called to their chosen beastman too early. His unfortunate demise occurred while outnumbered in the middle of the pitch versus Many Manly Miniature Men, (fittingly a Chaos Dwarf team), where a minotaur gored him in the back, ending his legacy. He will be remembered fondly in the Blight Berserkers team Hall of Fame, and now the BKBBL Hall of Fame as well. Gorthor now continues his rampage in the realm of Chaos where he happily serves the chaos gods equally. He is as talented with a double-handed axe as he ever was in life with his bare fists on the Blood Bowl pitch. player picture

Posted Thu Feb 9 2017
Konrad from Sylvannian Fangs: Longest Surviving Vampire
With 5 Season under his belt, he rose from nothing to Super Star and was on way to becoming a Legend, there wasn't enough time for to reach this Status. He had over 130SPP over his career. If he ever returns to the pitch I hope it's as a coach! player picture

Posted Tue Nov 22 2016
Inigo from Bogenhafen Brute Squad : A King amoung the Brute Squad!
Inigo was the heart and soul of the Brute Squad. He and Wesley hooked up play after play, to help the Brute Squad win. Although he was never crowned a champion his teamates will always remember his flash and speed on the pitch. He had over 21 Touch downs in his 4 season, and was on pace to win the MVP in season 5 until his life was claimed by the Graveyard Shift. player picture

Posted Thu Jun 5 2014
Brunner from Nuln Widowmakers: Brunner - Nuln Widowmakers: 24 Games, 5 TD, 2 CP, 6 CAS 4BH/2SI/0KI for 79 SPP
Brunner, the only name the legend of the Nuln Widowmakes ever gave. He never has confirmed or denied if he is the fabled empire bounty hunter that goes by the same name. Though he threatens people that ask in much the same way the famed bounty hunter does if they inquire too closely. Back in the second season of the BKBBL, the then newly formed team was holding practice trials when he appeared and proceeded to handle the ball as well as any elf in the manner know affectionately/cursed as "fancy dancing". He quickly rose to be the lynchpin of the team though he could not do it alone without the rest of the Widowmakers. Only one bounty was ever dared placed on his head, and for undisclosed reasons the couch that placed that bounty resigned his commission and disbanded his team soon after. No doubt fearing either reprisal from the man himself or his raging fans. For a season though the couch of the Northern Wastes Slayers tempted fate by giving Brunners son a signed shirt with their star players signature on it. Brunner learned of this when he was thrown into the crowd that game and was so enraged he was thrown into the knockout bin to calm down for several drives. He has personally dismantled several peoples teams including that of the Northern Wastes Slayers. In attempts to become his sons hero he has taken the Widowmakers several rounds into the playoffs in each season they have played. Currently he is pushing his team through a training regiment in the mountain ranges of the empire and has sworn to take to the field once again. player picture

Posted Wed May 7 2014
Landwen from New Ulthuan Patriots: First player to hit 100SPP Star Player 139 SPP
Landwen died in season 3, at the time she had the league’s highest SPP during regular season play. She helped her team to a championship game in season 2, She was MVP of Season 2 gaining the hearts of the fans. She was the bench mark of all Wardancers, an Icon for the league. She was an inspiration to the league and young wood elves across the world. Stats 3 and half seasons 28 games 4 CP 35 TD 3 CAS 4 MVP 1 Season MVP Her teamates and fans will miss her and may she rest in peace amoung the elvish gods. player picture

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014
Cuddles from Van Helsing's Voodoo: Star player, 105 Star Player Points
Cuddles started in the league three year's ago as a rookie. It did not take long for the young werewolf to make a name in the league as an excellent ball runner. He had a career high of 4 touch downs in one game against the original Norse Vikings. After this he altered his own direction to become one of the leagues premier blitzers and helped his team triumph over the Pint Sized Pests to win the first ever Hammer Bowl Championship. Year two was the same story from Cuddles, who continued to be the top player on his team. Unfortunately the team was unable to make to the finals loosing out to Nuln Widowmakers. Determined to make it back to the show, Cuddles pushed his team through the first 5 games, until he met his untimely demise against a rookie from the Slaan Diego Chargers. Cuddles was the first player in the league to reach Star Status and he will be missed by all of his adoring fans. player picture

Posted Thu Sep 26 2013