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Welcome to the famous teams list.
Here league commissioners may highlight teams which have become famous for whatever reason.

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Konquata Konquerors (Kikurasis): Season 16 Champions
BKBBL Season 16 Champions team picture

Posted Fri Dec 6 2019
Longwood Striders (Knights_of_nee): Season 15 Champions
Commissioner Awesome won a title! Amazing! team picture

Posted Sat May 11 2019
Karak Varn Vigilantes (Kikurasis): Season 14 Champions
In a double overtime championship game against the Boomtown Rats, the Vigilantes showed their first-place finish atop the regular season standings wasn't a fluke, as they took home the BKBBL Championship in their rookie season! team picture

Posted Thu Oct 11 2018
Da Bonehoard Blitzas (Mykk): Season 12 and 13 Champions
Overcoming all odds -- and Nuffle himself -- Da Bonehoard Blitzas won season 12 and 13! team picture

Posted Fri Jan 5 2018
Gipfel Smokers (Kikurasis): Season 11 Champions
This Halfling team -- carried by Bungo Overhill -- made history as BKBBL's first stunty team to win the championship! team picture

Posted Sat Jun 10 2017
Purple Nurgles (RyanS): Season 9 Championship!
Purple Nurgles was able to do what the chaos gods wished! It took them two season before they were able to slowly walk their way to a championship. team picture

Posted Tue May 31 2016
One time only (TheLVermeer): Season 8 Champion
After 6 seasons of trying, Luke Vermeer was finally able to to win his first championship. The odds were against him as he was play league favorite (stats only) Seth Henderson and his Graveyard Shift. When Luke was asked what he plans on doing after his championship he responded with " I am going to a bulldogs game!!!.....because I have to work" team picture

Posted Sat Jan 23 2016
Karond Kar Reavers (Mykk): Season 6 Champion & Season 7 Champion
This being their second season in the league, these elves coached by Mykk; defeated all the odds and won the Champtionship in season 6. Led by Verbarra they managed to beat the Steel City Slashers 2-0. They didn't have an easy road to the finals, as they had to go through, the Blight Beserkers, Dagger Squadron and the Woodland Mavericks. All of this in just 22 games, Coach Mykk is unsure if the team will be back to repeat last seaon's heroics. team picture

Posted Tue Feb 17 2015
Street Rats of Agrabah (SextonCrikey): Season 5 Champions
BKBBL Season 5 Champions team picture

Posted Thu Oct 30 2014
Graveyard Shift (Valerother): BKBBL Season 4 Champions
BKBBL Season 4 Champions team picture

Posted Thu May 1 2014
Huatl Hurdlers (Kikurasis): BKBBL Season 2, 3, and 10 Champions
BKBBL Season 2, 3, and 10 Champions team picture

Posted Sun Aug 4 2013
Van Helsing's Voodoo (HavoC): BKBBL Season 1 Champions
BKBBL Season 1 Champions team picture

Posted Sun Aug 4 2013